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My webcomic officially starts today! It's about a man named Simon Squareskull, who is on a mission to destroy all monsters. Two pages of the first storyline "Phantom Buggery" is up now and a new page will be posted every following Wednesday.

If you would like automatic updates, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or by email. Or if you just want to bookmark your place, you can use the "save your spot" app to save your spot. Just click "tag page" and then "go to tag" when you revisit to return to where you left off.

Simon Squareskull is a violent splatstick horror comic with sexual overtones. It's not recommended for kids or the easily offended.
Just a short update to make everyone aware I still live.

I took some time off to raise my two little boys and am gearing up to get back in the game.

I appreciate everyone who is still following me.  Thanks.

Humanoids from the Deep has a semi release date! Looks like it will be out sometime in the month of October… Hopefully, just in time for Halloween!

It's listed officially on the publishers website:…

Subscribe to my
I have a halloween themed shirt in competition on Shirt.woot.

If you've ever purchased anything on before you can vote on it, and if I win, they make a t-shirt out of it. That would be cool.…

My big halloween themed comic Knucklejelly is going great. I was considering releasing it as a mini series, but the story is so large and the first issue is composed of mainly boring world building stuff (no matter how hard I tried to fix that), which makes me wonder if there's enough of a hook to get anyone to buy the second issue. So I'll be pitching it as a original graphic novel now.

This decision has me excited, because it will help the story as a whole, and bummed out that it will probably be another year before it ever hits the shelves (if I can find anyone to publish it.)

In any case, I'm doing some smaller projects while I'm working on Knucklejelly to keep my work on the shelves in 2008.

The first thing I've done is a short story starring my monster hunter Simon Squareskull, I've been kicking around doing a webcomic starring him, but I've saved his first published appearance to be in an upcoming Viper comics anthology. It's odd, experimental, but awesome stuff.

I also just started working on a really fun one-shot comic written by Dave Justus with half of the book drawn by me and the other half drawn by the awesome Thomas P. Reidy. We were planning on keeping a lid on the title and the story until Thomas spilled the beans on his blog. Ha! So now I have free reign. The book will be called Filthy Habit and it is a love song to exploitative movies from the 60's - 70's. It stars evil werewolf bikers and nuns. I already have three of my sixteen pages penciled and I just started this weekend. It's really fun! I posted a few character designs from my sketchbook on my blog.…

Things are good!

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Neat new comics that hit shelves tomorrow.…

My Deviant clubs:
We've changed the name of our studio website from Blue Sky Comics to Haunted Fire so be sure to update your favorites!

Not much going on at the main site just yet, but we will be adding info about our various projects soon!

Also check out my blog, I updated it pretty often with mad geekery, drawings and reviews of cult media.…

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There are many reasons that I enjoy drawing and creating art.

Growing up in my parents art studio, watching my Dad
paint and wanting to be like him is chief among those reasons.

Check out this short of my Dad's work to get a little taste of his newest direction in working with construction supplies.…

It's amazing stuff.
A webcomic I drew a few years ago for Drew Edwards' "Halloween Man" will be published in October by Silent Devil as part of a larger graphic novel called "Halloween Man Super Deformed".

Here is an article… about the book and here is the story that will see print.…

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Issue two of AIT/Planet Lar's Black Diamond… hits stands today!

Marlena and I have a 6-page story in the back which features the first published work scripted by Ken Lowery.

Here is a review of the first two issues that also gives our back-up some props... even if Marlena's first name is spelled wrong... and she was somehow reverted back to her maiden name... and I was left out of the equation all together... I really do appreciate the kind words.…

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Marlena and I redesigned my portfolio page on our website and I turned my blog into an art blog.…

I hope to update it almost daily, so feel free to check it out every once in a while.

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My life's been kinda "by-the-seat-of-your-pants" lately, which has caused me to get a little behind on internet stuff.

So much so that I've never found the chance to post this awesome Henry pin-up from my Knucklejelly series crafted by the king of pus and putrescence :iconrossradiation:…

It's super cool!

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The folks at FanboyTV gave away the pin-up of Knucklejelly I drew.  You can see the final image and the give away here:…

It was won by fellow artist, Texas resident and Ben, Ben Moss

Thanks to everyone that entered!

Also, now that the show I appeared on has been moved to the archives, it is alot easier to view.

Here are the links if you are interested:………

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The folks at FanboyTV are giving away a pin-up I drew, in studio, of Knucklejelly fighting off a horde of skull-headed, bat-winged demon babies. (unfortunately I don't have a pic of it.)

All you have to do to win, is register to their forum and add your name to this forum thread:…

Sometime next week they'll roll a 20-sided die and whoever has the winning number's post on the thread gets the art.

So if you are interested, act fast before the 20 spots are taken up.

My Deviant clubs:
Last night I was on interviewed live on Fanboy TV, a great new show about comics and pop culture that airs on the internet every Monday and Thursday - 7:00c.

I was featured in Episode 11, May 7th, 2007.  The Episode will be on the front page, until Thursday, then you'll have to search the archives.  My short scenes are labeled "Ben Hall", "Sub or Flub", and "Artists Results" but I recommend checking out the rest of the show as well.

I also drew a Knucklejelly pin-up, during the show that they will be giving away randomly to sometime on their forum this week.  I'll be sure to let everyone know when the thread is posted.

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Marlena  and I will be at Cape in Dallas this Saturday, with a whole bunch of awesome talent.

I also did an interview at Pop Syndicate about the event.…

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Last week, monologist Mike Daisey was doing his one man show when a group of high school students got up and left, due to the language of the show.  One of the administrators, instead of quietly leaving, stepped over the line and poured water all over Daisey's original hand written notes.

Here's the video.…

Daisey claims they were warned about the language.…

The high school claims they were not.…

Regardless, I find the actions of the man in the video bone-chilling and the look upon Daisy's face as some hateful member of the audience destroys his work, is truly heartbreaking.

In other news....

Josh Howard presents: SASQUATCH, an anthology about everyone's favorite myth monster, hits the stands today with a 7 page story by my wife and I.

This sucker is 256 pages with 27 stories by some of the best new talent in the comic biz.  If you can't find it in stores, you can purchase it

Also check out this really nice review by Comic Addiction… that highlights our story along with David Hartman, Christopher Graybill and Josh Howard.

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Best movie ever.

My Deviant clubs: